Markeshia Jackson

 Markeshia Jackson, Communication Associate

Markeshia Jackson is a bright and adept Xavier University Communications student who has been actively working as a Communications Associate with the Cincinnati AFL-CIO. She joined the Cincinnati AFL-CIO team in March of 2018. Here she’s been integral to a number of projects and has been a key collaborator in the start-up of Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) Cincinnati chapter.

While with the Cincinnati AFL-CIO has also has had the opportunity to begin the exploration of what she hopes will be her life-long calling in radio and Television  working as an administrator and line producer for Boiling Point, a weekly radio show focused on the issues and stories of Labor and the many hard-working Union Sisters and Brothers of greater Cincinnati. With Boiling Point, Markeshia is an active volunteer, garnering a tremendous amount of real-world experience as on-air talent and in engineering. Aside from her work with the labor community, she also has a strong focus in broadcast journalism. She is an active member of the Xavier University’s Television Association where they produce a student led broadcast every week and is in the process of joining the Greater Cincinnati Association of Black Journalists.

When she is not studying for her Communication degree from Xavier or working with GCOHC and The Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council, for herself, she is volunteering her time at church where she tutors youth on weekends and teaches a Vacation Bible School class each summer. This upcoming summer she intends to be volunteering at Chanel 5 WLWT or Fox19 News outlets located here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Overall, Markeshia is a very driven and hardworking individual who is always searching for ways to improve herself and to help improve the world around her.