Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson – Community Outreach Specialist, Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency and GCOHC Board Member at Large

As a professional public relations and communications specialist, Emily employs a people-centric mode of rational problem solving. Required to master the ability to coordinate with multiple disciplines for the resolve of similar issues, on a daily basis, She is adept at resolution and relationship building. Trained in effective decision making and communication techniques, she is confident in notifying and informing citizens of their needs to prepare and take action before, during, and after a disaster or emergency.

She is a hardworking, effective and skilled writer and communicator, with a tenacity and willingness to learn. She is  experienced working with the media, writing press releases, creating social media campaigns, and doing website design and maintenance. Experienced at managing stressful situations, she is focused on serving and preparing the public before, during, and after a disaster. She surrounds self with new and fresh ideas that allow her to be a helpful member or leader of any team or work group.

Among her many highlighted skills and abilities, she serve as the system administrator and technical expert for a mass public notification tool, Alert Hamilton County, to alert residents of severe weather, emergencies, and disasters. Developed Standard Operating Procedures and training for the mass public notification system. Provide jurisdictional support, training and guidance for its use. She also successfully delivered the first Wireless Emergency Alert in Hamilton County, warning residents to Shelter in Place following a hazardous material release. Finally, she implemented and maintain the annual “Severe Weather Awareness Week Poster Contest” for Fourth and Fifth grade students in Hamilton County to learn about preparing for the impacts of severe weather.