Courses Offered

Courses available include:


Hazardous waste site workers, consultants, and engineers:

  • 40-Hour Site Worker
  • 24-Hour Meth Lab Cleanup
  • 16-Hour Mold Remediation
  • 8-Hour Manager and Supervisor
  • 8-Hour Site Worker Refresher
  • 8-Hour Site Worker Refresher
  • 4-Hour Hazard Communication System

RCRA-regulated TSD & generator employees:

  • 24-Hour Treatment, Storage and Disposal
  • 40-Hour Initial with Emergency Response
  • 8-Hour Emergency Response Refresher (TSD Refresher)
  • 4-Hour Hazard Communication System

Emergency responders:

  • 16-Hour Incident Command System (ICS)
  • 24-Hour Initial for Industrial Emergency Responders, Operations-Level (IER)
  • 24-Hour Initial for Municipal Emergency Responders, Operations-Level (MER)
  • 24-Hour Meth Lab Clean-up
  • 24-Hour Confined Space Rescue
  • 8-Hour Confined Space Rescue Refresher
  • 8-Hour Awareness (First-on-the-Scene, Municipal)
  • 8-Hour Awareness (First-on-the-Scene, Industrial)
  • 8-Hour Emergency Response Refresher
  • 40-Hour for Industrial Emergency Responders, Technician Level
  • 4-Hour Hazard Communication System


  • 3 Hour Regulation Summary (HAZWOPER Awareness)
  • 16-Hour Incident Command System (ICS)
  • 4-Hour Incident Command System Awareness
  • 4-Hour Evacuation Coordinator
  • 4-Hour Foodborne Illness
  • 4-Hour Weatherization for Health & Safety
  • 4-Hour Hazard Communication System

Community members:

  • 4-Hour Reporting Environmental Releases
  • 4-Hour Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins
  • 4-Hour Toxic Use Reduction

Disaster preparedness:

  • 16-Hour Disaster/Terrorism Preparedness
  • 8-Hour Hospital-Based Decontamination

NOTE: Contract programs can be arranged by contacting the Training Center Director at Additional open enrollment programs may be scheduled depending on demand.